Saturday, September 02, 2006

What if...

What if all the English Test Match grounds were TV comedy programmes...

Lords - Keeping Up Appearances. Far too posh and self obsessed. Popular with a certain influential segment of society, and on its day can have a certain amount of atmosphere and class, but in truth it's just put up with because of its name and reputation.

Trent Bridge - The Fast Show. Deservedly massively popular. Friendly and welcoming, very unpretentious. Has something for everyone. Well established and almost traditionally mainstream, but occasionally, even now, can throw up a pleasant surprise.

Headingley - 'Til Death Us Do Part. Very in your face, ocasionally inspiring but more often than not just seems gratuitously offensive and very much dated these days.

Old Trafford - Last of the Summer Wine. Inexplicably popular among a particular regional demographic. Populated by men in long raincoats and silly hats moaning about everything, but primarily the weather. Has an impressive history, but now is badly in need of a complete overhaul or putting out to pasture.

The Oval - Only Fools and Horses. Typically South London. An old favourite that never lets you down and occasionally produces some wonderful moments that immediately become the stuff legends are made of. Outwardly mouthy and challenging, but underneath is soft and cuddly.

Edgbaston - The Young Ones. Noisy, anarchic and childish. Doesn't take itself at all seriously, in fact seems to revel in the raucous reputation. Not to all tastes but great fun, and about as far from 'Keeping up Appearances' as it's possible to get.

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