Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Seven Ball Over

Seven random thoughts on a Wednesday evening: -
  • Am I the only person who's starting thinking that this is the end of the Trescothick era and it's going to be Strauss & Cook walking out to open the England innings at the Gabba in November?
  • I've been pretty effusive in my praise of Mike Atherton and what he's brought to the Sky commentary team elsewhere in this blog, but his performance during the Shoaib 'ball tampering' non-story in Tuesday's ODI was pathetic. His 'we're not making a judgement, just putting the pictures out there so you can make your own minds up' comment was truly pathetic. Gower and Hussain should hang their heads in shame too.
  • Brad Hogg - the Fredo Corleone of Australian cricket.
  • ...and while we're at it, the likeness and similarity of mannerisms between Inzy and 'Big Paulie' Cicero from the Scorsese classic 'Goodfellas' is so alarming that it deserves it's own post. (Don't touch that dial!) Andrew Flintoff as 'Jimmy Conway' anyone?
  • My Australian sources tell me that the ACB are seriously thinking about limiting 5th day entry for the MCG Test to Australian passport holders only.
  • Talking of Australia - TRSM has now gone global (Link here) Thanks Ben!
  • Rash prediction time - we'll have a new Prime Minister by the time of the Brisbane Test.

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