Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Question Time

Want to ask Andrew Strauss a question? Here's your chance.

All rather tenuous, but a mate of mine is Advertising Manager for a publication who ran a sponsorship campaign last summer featuring the England skipper. As part of the deal, a journalist for the publication gets to interview Strauss. She knows next to nothing about the great game, and has therefore asked for help.

I've got my own ideas, but am happy to pass on any that get posted here for consideration - within reason!

So ask away.


harry said...

"Do you think that Alistair Cook's impressive early progress as a test batsman ground to a halt because it became assumed that he'd be the next England captain?"

And, as a supplementary to the above...

"What are the key (no, Mark, not as in Robert) attributes of a Test captain? perhaps you could rank the following in order:

Automatic pick for the side on merit
Experience (of captaincy)Leadership skills
Sound tactical awareness
Ability to innovate, react quickly and think on-the-hoof
Relationship with coach
Relationship with National Selector
Media skills"

Anonymous said...

Who's the better bowler - Warne or Murali, and don't let him weasel out of it with a 'both equally god' response.

harry said...

Given the chance to ask to ask a Test captain his views on Murali, I think I'd be a little more probing than that....