Thursday, November 19, 2009

Health and Safety

Sir Vivian gets up on his high horse, obviously without a saddle or helmet...

"The guy who got hit and still tried to get in line, then gets hit again, that's the guy I will take with me on the field every day."

Unless he's laid up in hospital with a fractured skull of course...

"There are individuals out there who use the body protection as a form of staying power, to go on as long as possible. That's the worst way anybody can be thinking, that you should cover yourself in a suit of armour, to make yourself brave, or to enable you to hook – when you never hooked in your life – just because you've got a helmet on. That's rubbish. Even though they say cricket is a gentleman's game, it's a man's game."

Right on, Viv! And whilst we're at it, let's do away with pads - they just encourage batsmen to push their front leg down the pitch. And those gloves can go too, they're for wimps. And real men shouldn't need to wear a box should they Viv?

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