Friday, August 14, 2009

Style Council

Because of what's at stake, I find it very difficult to actually enjoy any innings by an Australian in an Ashes Test.

Before that sounds too one-eyed and blinkered, let me qualify it by saying that I've admired a whole series of Australian innings - from Border, Steve Waugh, Taylor, Boon, Martyn and Ricky.

Only on a few occasions has admiration transcended the line over the enjoyment. Chappelli a couple of times in the 70's, Kim Hughes in the centenary test at Lords - and, more recently, anything by Mark Waugh. In facT, I'd guess that the 'forgotten Waugh' would make the simple act of boiling a kettle a memorably stylish act.

Coming more up to date, I'd add the innings of Michael Clarke in the current series to the list.

In fact, to paraphrase the immortal Cardus, the one thing I'd love to see on the first day at The Oval is a hundred from Clarke... out of an Australian total of 127 all out.

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