Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Age Concern

Surrey’s bowling attack in their current county championship game against Hampshire is –

Pedro Collins (West Indies)
Jade Dernbach (S Africa / Kolpak)
Shoaib Aktar (Pakistan)
Saqlain Mushtaq (Pakistan)
Alex Tudor (England – but about 63 years old)

If you’re an up and coming bowler, assuming there is one in the Surrey system, you must be thinking about your future at The Oval and wondering when you’re ever going to get a look in. At the start of the season Chris Jordan was touted as the 'next big thing' at The Oval - difficult to prove that if you've got a couple of bed-blockers standing in the way of you and selection.

It’s a stunning decline for a county that, around a decade ago, were turning out close to a full England international line up including Stewart, Butcher, Thorpe, Hollioake (A), Hollioake (B), Bicknell, Tudor and Salisbury.


harry said...

And just what is the bl00dy point of Surrey assembling a line-up like that?

This isn't football, with tens of millions riding on promotion/relegation, and crowds of.... well, crowds full stop.

Why should Surrey receive central handouts when they field a side like that?

Mark said...

Good point.

stu said...

Surely the point is that you'll get quite a good go next year when they've been horribly demoted and are forced to get rid of most of the dead wood.