Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Moody Blacks

This from the BBC website: -

Tremendous match that, and what a fantastic final over. Magnificent bowling from Wright, a moment of madness from Swann at the death handing victory to the tourists, who lead the series 2-1 going into the final match at Lord's on Saturday. Noticable that Collingwood was snubbed by the Kiwi players up on the balcony

If that's the case then New Zealand are hypocrites. You don't need much of a memory to recall McCullum running out Murali a few years back when he went out of his ground to congratulate Sangakarra on completing a hundred, and can Vettori put his hand on his heart and say he wouldn't have made the same call as Collingwood if the roles had been reversed. I think not.

They won the game for heavens sake. Get over it.


Tony.T said...

That was great when McCullum ran out Murali.

Tony.T said...

I see what you're on about now, Mark. Colly played it hard.

Same thing happened to me once. The bowler knocked me over as I was called for a quick single off the first ball of the match. I didn't blame the bowler, I blamed the other batsman who called for such a suicidal single (a block to short mid-on) at such a stupid time. It still grates on me after 26 years.

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hopefully it will make for a more tense and exciting game on saturday