Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Two Tribes

The gloves are off.

Let's break it down.

England cricket boss Giles Clarke has dismissed Kevin Pietersen's plea to let centrally contracted players appear in the Indian Premier League (IPL).

Pietersen says it is "ridiculous" that England stars are not allowed to compete in the new 20-over competition.
"'Irresistable force', meet 'immovable object'."

But Clarke told BBC Radio 5 Live: "There won't be any centrally contracted players playing in it.

"We aren't changing our season under any circumstances - there's no possibility of us doing it."
Hail, King Canute!

Clarke, chairman of the England and Wales Cricket Board (ECB), added: "I can't see any England player wishing to take the risk of losing his England place.

"Our centrally contracted players have very heavy workloads, so we need to be realistic here."
Probably true, but we're talking millions of dollars here. Note the clever way KP uses a very weak currency to make his point... very clever! If the lira had still been a valid currency, I'd guess he'd have quoted that.

Twelve England players, including star names like Pietersen, Andrew Flintoff, Paul Collingwood, Ryan Sidebottom and Michael Vaughan, were handed 12-month central contracts in September 2007.

England's centrally contracted players are the only international cricketers unable to cash in on the riches available in the new tournament
And that must grate. Apparently Chris Gayle is sending taunting text messages to KP involving lots of dollar signs!

Pietersen told The Times on Saturday that England players should be allowed to compete in the IPL next season.

"It's definitely something that the hierarchy needs to fix into our fixtures," he said.

"You want your best players playing both for their country and for the IPL. You don't want them choosing between the two.

"It's silly to think that you're losing up to a million (dollars) over six weeks."
True. But then wasn't KP the person who was moaning about 'burnout' recently? Maybe he's not the best person to make the player's case. There's also those very strong rumours that his middle name is actually 'Mercenary' that still have to be dispelled.

However, Clarke insisted the ECB would not be budging on the subject.

"The only county player who has gone off is Dimitri Mascarenhas," he said.

"No other county has indicated that they wish to release a player for the IPL - it's worth people considering that rather interesting fact."
Sound of heels being dug in. Also, consider how many games KP actually played for Hampshire last year. I'd guess they may have even forgotten who he is. Ultimately the counties will be taken out of the equation.

Hampshire all-rounder Mascarenhas has played at one-day and Twenty20 level for England, but is not on a central contract.

"I'm sure the ECB will loosen their stance in time once they see the tournament and more England players say they want to play," Mascarenhas told BBC Radio 5 Live.
Probably true.

Clarke said no England player would risk losing his place by competing in the IPL, recalling the example of former England skipper Tony Greig choosing to play in Kerry Packer's breakaway World Series Cricket in the late 1970s.

"The last time there were issues of this nature, Mr Greig gave up playing for England, probably because he thought he could get back in easily, and then Ian Botham appeared," he said.
Clarke is being very economical with the truth here. Greig knew all along that there was no way on earth that he was ever going to be selected by England again. The cricketing authorities don't like being made to look foolish - especially in a court of law.

Players' boss Sean Morris has warned "money will talk" if players are not given the chance of competing in the IPL.

Morris, the chief executive of the Professional Cricketers' Association (PCA), warned that the England team could be "decimated of its stars" if this does not happen.

"There is a very real threat here, and it's not from the ECB," Morris told Five Live Sport last month.

"It's perfectly natural for the PCA to want our members to take advantage of the IPL - it's a unique opportunity."
Sound of battle lines being drawn.


Ottayan said...

ECB will have to give in.

Jrod said...

How will Kp afford to pay his rent this month?

Suave said...

It's a hard knock life being a millionaire cricketer..

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