Friday, February 29, 2008

By Jingo!

KP speaks out.

I'd love to believe this. After all, he's still one of the few reasons we've got for thinking we might regain the Ashes next year - the only true 'World XI' player in the England squad.

But I don't.

Maybe it's the too frequent use of 'England' - like there seems to be more self-convincing going on, rather than sincerity.

After all, in spite of some recent hiccups he's still one of the most feared and dangerous batsmen in the world - in all formats of the game. Despite the Three Lions tattoos on his arms, there's always an underlying nagging doubt about the total commitment to the England cause, and the thought that if a better financial offer came along he wouldn't think too long before jumping at a big payday.

Additionally he's got an ego the size of Bulgaria, so the idea that the best of his contemporaries will be playing in a high profile tournament while he's strutting his stuff in front of three men and a dog in near-sub-zero temperatures for Hampshire at Durham in the middle of April must surely grate?

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