Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Time of the Month

I've had another communique from 'Harry' - who regular TRSM devotees will recall has made occasional guest appearances on this site.

It's a general litany of comments, observations and (it must be said) total b******t, about the current ODI team, the full details I'll spare you on the grounds of brevity and the blasphemy laws. However, it does contain this gem of a quote: -

'Under the keen tutelage of Shane Warne, Tremlett has developed an 'attitude' which is, effectively, a mean look on his face at the end of his follow-through. Sometimes his bowling justifies this - but for the most part it just makes him look like Andrew Caddick with PMT and a heavy cold.'


Innocent Abroad said...

Did Caddick ever look any other way?

harry said...

Well, in his dreams - and in his wristbands - he looked like Richard Hadlee ;-)